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Travel Adventures to Spain & Portugal
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Why Travel With Us

Worlds of Spain does not subcontract any tour operator or travel agency to form tours.  Instead, before we offer an adventure, we visit the regions of the country to finalize our selections of cities, hotels, restaurants, and attractions. At the end of every program, we reevaluate and modify the tour, if needed, based on our expertise and participants' feedback. 

Our cities, hotels and restaurant selections are always based on the best interest of the participants. We want to share with you the places we would want to share with our own family and friends.  Thus, all of our tours are well thought-out with the sole purpose of offering each one of you the best possible experience. 

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Featured Adventures For This Summer

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You Are Our Priority

Exclusive itineraries. Worry free. Unforgettable.

Hi! I'm Jose! - a passionate Spaniard & professor living in the US, with a love for leading specialized tours to share my country and culture with you each summer.

Worlds of Spain is the preferred choice for travelers wanting a unique small group experience providing the perfect blend of guided tours & independent time to explore.

Every detail of your trip is heavily researched, planned & handpicked based on over 20 years of expertise and customer feedback.

And, since we never subcontract to tour operators or agencies, you are ensured a truly one of a kind adventure.

Spain & Portugal 



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